Garbage Services

The Town of Victoria provides garbage services for the residents and businesses of the town.  

Normal Garbage Pick Up Schedule

Monday - trash will be picked up on the east half of town, from Main Street towards Lunenburg Correctional Center.

Tuesday - trash will be picked up on the west half of town, from Old Court Street towards the western town limits.

This schedule may be altered due to holidays or inclement weather.  If the normal day for pick up is on a holiday, the garbage will be picked up on the next regular business day.

Please have your trash at the side of the street by 7:00 AM on the scheduled day of pick up.  If possible, have all of your garbage in bags as this makes it easier for the personnel on the truck to provide efficient service.  Residents are responsible for any scattering of trash due to wind or animals.

All trash receptacles need to be removed from the side of the street within 24 hours of trash pick up.

Monthly Fees for Regular Weekly Refuse Collection

Residential (in town) $11.00
Residential (out of town) $14.00
Commercial/Industrial (2-95 gallon carts or less) $25.00
Commercial/Industrial (3-95 gallon carts) $37.50
Commercial/Industrial (4 or more 95 gallon carts or equivalent) $150.00
Penalty for delinquent refuse bill 10%


Charges for Additional Refuse Collection Services

Contact the town office to schedule additional services

Refuse pickup service beyond the weekly scheduled pickup $25.00

Pickup of debris, trash, or other materials (pickup load or a full dump truck load)

     _Collections from more than one location will be treated as an added or extra pickup


Contact Info

Vickie McDaniel