The Town of Victoria bills for real estate and personal property taxes once a year in October.  These taxes are due by the 5th of December.  Payment can be made in person at the town office, by mail, or online.  The current tax rates are listed in the table below.


Online Tax Payment


Tax on real estate $0.18 per $100.00
Tax on personal property $0.98 per $100.00
Tax on manufactured housing $0.18 per $100.00
Tax on machinery and tools $0.75 per $100.00
Tax on rolling stock $0.75 per $100.00
Meals Tax (At least 1% goes to Park and Recreation) 5%


Vehicle License Fee

The Town of Victoria assesses a license fee on each titled vehicle that is garaged in the Town of Victoria.  This license fee is added to your personal property tax bill. A windshield decal is no longer needed on any vehicles.  The vehicle license fees are listed in the table below.


Automobile or truck $25.00
Motorcycle, motor bicycle, or motor scooter $15.00


Taxes not paid by the due date may be subject to late payment fees and interest.  Non-payment of personal property taxes may result in a DMV Stop being placed on the vehicle which will prevent you from renewing the license for the vehicle until the taxes are paid.  The current penalties, interest, and fees are listed in the table below.


Penalty for late payment 10%
Interest starting after June 13th of the year after the taxes were assessed 10%
DMV Stop $25.00
DMV Stop Administrative Fee $25.00


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