Tobacco Heritage Trail

The Tobacco Heritage Trail, a system of long-distance recreational, multi-use, non-motoroized trails , is a project of major importance to Southside Virginia.

The trail represents an opportunity for all Southside Virginia to participate in a viable undertaking that will unify our diverse communities, enrich our lives, and help rebuild our economy.

The trail will assist economic development through tourism and business enterprises and will serve as a quality-of-life tool by providing residents and tourists valuable health and recreational benefits.  In addition, the trail will be preserving a greenway and will serve as a link to nature for its users.

The off-road trail, which will primarily utilize abandoned railroad corridors, will be limited to non-motorized traffic (no including handicap equipment) and will be for multiple user groups, pedestrians, hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders.  With portions accessible to those with mobility limitations.


Trail Etiquette

Riding right and passing left.

Use vocal signals when passing.

Maintaining a safe and courteous speed.

Please read and obey all signs.

Be courteous and respect other visitors.

Be mindful of posted private property, some railroad beds are privately owned.


Trail Courtesy

Bicyclists please YIELD TO ALL.

Hikers please YIELD TO HORSES.


Leave What You Find

Preserve the past; examine, but do not touch, cultura or historic structures and artifacts.

Leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects.

Avoid introductions or transporting non-native species.


Respect Wildlife

Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them.

Never feed animals.

Trail Map